Cherry Street’s 1840 Methodist Burial Ground

Many drive by the little cemetery on Cherry Street oblivious to the people buried there and the interesting stories buried with them. A partial list (with some inaccuracies) of those buried there appears on Find A Grave. Board member Sarah K Hermans researched a few of those people and wrote this fascinating brochure. Historic Red Hook began research into the cemetery in earnest as part of the 2019 Gilsonfest project, that included an exhibition in the StoryStudio about Alexander Gilson, the notable African-American head gardener at Montgomery Place who is buried in this cemetery. Professor Myra Armstead and her students researched Alexander Gilson, producing the core of the exhibit and publishing this story about a remarkable life.

This cemetery map was measured and recorded in 2019 by Sarah K Hermans referencing the work of Clara Losee and a “map” of the plots from the 19th century. The numbering scheme and names associated with them are based on those original plots, though the “map” is not to scale and the dimensions of most plots do not exactly match reality. Some adjustments have been made for design purposes and measurements here are not precise, but close to reality. A cross-referenced index of the names can be found here.